Travel, Death & Spatial Design is a culmination of thought from over a decade of travel, writing, photography, thinking about spatiality and dealing with life circumstances. 
Women often do not get a chance to tell the story of how they see and experience the world. I feel fortunate to have tools to express my ideas and my ways of responding to grief, illness, travel & change. 
It is never a matter of travel being disconnected from life; as travellers we have a life that ticks away alongside our travel experiences and is enhanced and tempered by them. This book is an integration of travel memoir with stories about people and place, and my own personal journey healing from loss of a loved one.
Travel can be transformative!
Spatial Design is everybody’s business!
Imagination is powerful!
Armchair travelling is liberating!
Imagining architecture can expand the mind and create new neural pathways!
Public space cannot be surrendered to commerce or defined for us!
Sense of place grows organically from people’s relationship to landscape, engagement with building shelter, births, deaths & time passing.
Community is about compassion and shared ritual.
Line, form, shape, pattern, colour & form are design elements that we can come to enjoy and play with.
Drawing is part of the ancient art of mark making and, as such, connects us to Self. 
Art is essential to humanity.
Architecture is not solely the province of architects.
Grief and loss are part of the human story as are recovery, healing & hope.

A professional travel writer chooses Travel and her love of Architecture over despair. Confronted with her brother's suicide, her own life threatening illness and her father's passing, she discovers that Travel & Architecture, inviting spaces & well-designed buildings, colour, line, form and pattern work together as an antidote to 'Big Picture Sense of Despair'. This is one woman's powerful formula for survival - a long ocean voyage, a meander through an ancient ruin, a cup of coffee in a luxurious interior, a picnic in the park or a walk in the soft hills of the Costa d'Almafi! You will learn to love it all because you are the experiencer; you become the traveller, the dreamer and the artist! This thoughtful book, much more than travel essay and memoir, educates the reader about the value of spatial sensitivity and its role in a changing world. This experienced writer will take you on a journey of description and metaphor to warm the heart and call home the soul: Venice in the summer; Florence at Easter; Casablanca on a warm day! Turn your life around with a little travel copy and the power of your architectural imagination! Jessica Syme has included her delicate illustrations in this volume to accompany her story. At a time when hope is hidden in a changing world; and new ideas are needed to address that change, every chapter reaches for a kinder, more aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, well-designed, built and green environment.
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